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3 Most Beautiful and Powerful Healing Stones For Jewelry

Diamonds. Pearls. Sapphires. While there are many precious gems and stones available for jewelry making, some are more valuable than others. We’re talking about jewelry that’s made with healing stones. These accessories don’t only look beautiful, but help you feel better too! Here are the top three stones that look gorgeous when worn and provide positive energy for the mind, body, and soul.


Best For: People who love the color purple and want to cleanse themselves of stress

Amethyst is a royal purple precious stone that’s been popular with jewelry makers, natural healers, aristocrats, and royalty for millenia. The deep violet hue has a calming effect when you gaze upon it. The stone itself helps eliminate stress and anxiety from your life. If you’re looking for a stone to support your emotions, you’ll love amethyst; its widely revered as a master healer.

Because amethyst is a relatively hard and non-porous stone, it’s ideal for jewelry. You can swim, shower, and wash your hands while wearing amethyst without harming its integrity or healing properties.

Lapis Lazuli

Best For: Those who love blues and hope to find truth with yourself and others

Lapis Lazuli is truly gorgeous. Its rich blues and ribbons of gold look like celestial galaxies—inspiring wonder and tranquility at a glance. Lapis Lazuli also opens your being to discovering truths within yourself, having honest conversation with others, and paving an avenue to self awareness and expression.

Because Lapis Lazuli is connected to the throat chakra, it’s most powerful when worn around the neck. Beautify your wardrobe with Lapis Lazuli accessories while you improve your spiritual journey to true self discovery.

Smoky Quartz

Best For: People who suffer from Utah’s inversion and want to feel more grounded

Smoky Quartz helps cleanse you from head to toe. This stone works to remove negative energy from the sun’s radiation. Additionally, smoky quartz helps ground your body and soul by balancing energies that don’t serve you—even supporting gastrointestinal function while it’s at it.

Smoky Quartz is an understated, yet pretty stone. With dark gray and a luminous outer shell, it provides a pop of shimmer and brilliance to those who have a neutral wardrobe.

We’re always bringing in stunning new jewelry pieces from artisans near and far. Stop into a store or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see the latest inventory updates! Want to continue your education about stones and crystals? Learn more about stones that support mental health and others you can forage right here in Utah!

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