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Healing Stones Native to Utah And Where You Can Find Them!

Many people forage for wild mushrooms and herbs in Utah. But did you know that naturopaths like our very own Dave Card also hunt for healing stones? While you can find a number of crystals and stones at Dave’s Health & Nutrition—sourced from holy rivers in India and beyond—you can also unearth many in your own backyard! Here’s a beginner’s guide to searching for stones in Utah that support your mental health, spirituality, inner peace, and more.


Utah is known for its rich agate deposits. These brilliant stones form in a variety of breathtaking colors—from blue to red, green, and purple. Agates are said to help ground you by connecting you to your ancestors. This stone soothes past traumas by bringing more positivity to your life and cleansing your aura of burdens that hold you down.

Where to find Agate in Utah

One of Dave’s favorite places to find stones in Utah is Floy. Floy isn’t a town, but an exit right before you enter Moab. As you near the Floy exit, you’ll see rolling hills that are brimming with agate. We normally venture five to eight miles into the wilderness to find beautiful stones we use at home. Agate sold in stores and in jewelry has been polished and cut to reveal the true vibrancy, striations, and glimmer of the stones. In nature, look for quartz-like jagged stones that have veins of coloring or eye in the center. Bring water with you to wipe off dust and determine if your discoveries are in fact agate.

Opal / Opalite

Opalite isn’t considered a precious stone, but it’s precious to us because of its healing properties. Opal or Opalite helps you balance your masculine and feminine sides. It offsets the harmful effects of Utah’s inversions. Opalite also aids with life changes, emotional openness, and communication with yourself and those around you. Don’t be fooled, there is man-made opalite, but it’s made of glass and doesn’t have the iridescence of opalite.


The name, wonderstones, is a giveaway: these stones enhance your creativity, bring tranquility to your life, and help eliminate worries—a true wonder for anyone looking to balance their chakras! Because Wonderstones are a type of Jasper, they weave together reds, yellows, oranges, and grays that mimic Utah’s beautiful red rocks. Try wonderstones for a more centered meditation practice or calming environment.

Where to forage for Wonder Stones

Hunting for Wonder Stones in Utah is both invigorating and fun! Head to Vernon, Utah and search carefully for these colorful sandstone rocks. Wonderstones have diverse patterns, so even if you only find one, it’ll truly be one-of-a-kind. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen and natural bug spray while you hunt for stones!

We never feel more one with the earth than when we find stones and crystals that have been around for thousands of years and use them in our everyday lives. Next weekend or on your next vacation, try stone hunting for yourself! If you have any more questions about foraging techniques, stop into the store or ask a question on social media @daveshealthutah. We’re always happy to offer guidance to help you lead a healthier, happier life.

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