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880 East 3900 South

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Dave’s Health & Nutrition proudly serves the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. Our store is located in Salt Lake at 880 East 3900 South. The store is open Monday through Saturday 9 am to 6 pm. Sundays and on major holidays the store is closed. See more about our store.

We have some of the best consultants for elevating your health naturally. Our commitment is to bring you the best information and education through our wellness counselors. This can help you to make good decisions to improve your health. Dave Card CN, CH, MH, is our premier consultant. Meet Dave or see our contact page today page to call on his free phone time. Or come into our store where our wellness counselors can help.

If you can’t travel to Dave’s Health & Nutrition you can now order Dave's Formulas online.
Dave's Health & Nutrition
Dave's Health and Nutrition is a locally owned supplement & crystal market focused on promoting health, healing and holistic living through education, empowerment, and high quality products